Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Focus on Neural Circuits

Understanding the functional organization of the nervous system, its capacity to produce perception, thought, language, memory, emotion, and action, remains the ultimate challenge for biology. Neural circuits, the complex synaptic networks of the brain, hold the key to understanding who we are, why we behave the way we do, and how the debilitating effects of neurological and psychiatric disorders can be ameliorated. Meeting this challenge requires forging links between different levels of analysis—genetic, molecular, cellular, circuit, and behavioral—and developing new technologies that make cutting edge scientific discoveries possible. The Max Planck Florida Institute brings together outstanding scientists with a broad range of expertise in a cohesive, collaborative environment designed to stimulate the development of novel approaches to understanding the structure, function, and development of neural circuits.

Part of the prestigious Max Planck Society based in Germany, the MPFI is the first and only institute of its kind in North America. Situated in the new biosciences cluster in scenic Palm Beach County in south Florida, the MPFI provides a vibrant, interactive environment where scientists are provided generous ongoing support to conduct high impact research at the cutting edge.


Latest Publications from each Research Group

Optogenetic assessment of horizontal interactions in primary visual cortex

Dr. David Fitzpatrick - April 2, 2014

Columnar organization of orientation selectivity and clustered horizontal connections linking orientation columns are two of the distinctive organizational features of primary visual cortex in many mammalian species. However, the functional role of these connections has been harder to characterize. Here we examine the extent and nature of horizontal interactions in V1 of the tree shrew using optical imaging of intrinsic signals, optogenetic stimulation, and multi-unit recording. Read More

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Dr. McLean Bolton

Disorders of Neural Circuit Function

Dr. Jason Christie

Mechanisms of Synaptic Signaling and Computation

Dr. David Fitzpatrick

Functional Architecture and Development of Cerebral Cortex

Dr. Hyungbae Kwon

Cellular Basis of Neural Circuit Plasticity

Dr. Bert Sakmann

Digital Neuroanatomy

Dr. James Schummers

Cellular Organization of
Cortical Circuit Function

Dr. Hiroki Taniguchi

Development and Function of
Inhibitory Neural Circuits

Dr. Ryohei Yasuda

Neuronal Signal Transduction

Dr. Samuel Young, Jr.

Molecular Mechanisms of
Synaptic Function