The Homunculus Mapper

An interactive graphical twist to a popular psychophysics experiment

This experiment was developed as a neuroscience outreach tool by members of the Fitzpatrick Lab at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience in Jupiter, Florida.

Two-point discrimination testing is a psychophysics experiment that is performed in K-16 classrooms, research settings, and even doctors' offices. In the classroom, it gives students a tangible demonstration of how our senses are mapped out in our brains and engages them in collecting real neuroscience data. We created the Homunculus Mapper so that amateur neuroscientists could quickly and easily analyze and visualize their collected data. The tool can be used by all ages, in classrooms, at science fairs, or at home; with a variety of protocols of increased or decreased scientific rigor.

In this experiment, you will take sensitivity measurements and enter them into the web page to make your very own cortical homunculus!

  • Make Measurement Cards
  • Take Measurements
  • Receive your Results

For detailed, step-by-step instructions click here.