Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

As Max Planck Florida Institute looks to the future and to the implementation of its very aggressive strategic plan to develop new technologies and medical applications that will explore the processes associated with some of the most devastating medical maladies impacting society today -- like Alzheimer’s -- it does so knowing that it not only has to be a good steward of the public funds allocated to begin its work, but also with the understanding that it must prepare for the future by seeking philanthropic support.

In essence, in order to successfully explore the possibilities of finding the next extraordinary discovery to better serve humanity, it will require a strong public-private partnership.

To support the work of the Max Planck Florida Institute the Max Planck Florida Foundation was established with a mission to attain private philanthropic support from individuals, corporations, and foundations across the United States by organizing and coordinating all fundraising programs in support of the mission, objectives, and programs of the Institute. The Max Planck Florida Foundation is governed by a board of trustees.

Your contribution can make a difference in the work we do, regardless of how large or small…because every gift is an investment in finding the next great discovery that will positively impact human kind.

Please visit the Max Planck Florida Foundation website to find out more.


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Max Planck Florida Foundation
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