Post-Baccalaureate Research Experience (PRE)

This program provides research experience and exposure to students who have graduated from college and are planning to apply to graduate school.

MPFI PRE ProgramAfter graduation, some students take time off to decide which programs to apply to and to polish their application materials. Some students are switching fields or need more research exposure to be desirable candidates. MPFI PRE fellows work in the labs of leading scientists and are exposed to cutting edge research and advanced technologies. The nature of their research experience depends on the lab that they are accepted into and the level of their previous training. In all cases, fellows will be exposed to an environment devoted to research and scientists who are recognized as world leaders in their fields. Each postbac will also be encouraged to participate in career enrichment activities aimed at the next step: application to graduate school. These activities include expert discussion panels, skills workshops, and career exploration sessions, travel to a scientific meeting and opportunities to present your research.

Program Details and Requirements

The MPFI PRE program is for college graduates who are planning to pursue a Ph.D. in the Biological Sciences. The 2018-19 program will year will run from July 16, 2018, to July 15, 2019. Candidates must be available to work 40 hours a week including shift work, depending their role in the lab.

Career enrichment activities

Enrichment activities include professional development sessions focused on graduate school admissions, a PhD careers session, and a data science workshop that will guide fellows though the process of programming in Python and MATLAB.

Please click here to view the 2018-2019 programming schedule for the MPFI PRE Fellows.

Application Process

Prospective candidates must provide the following materials with their application:

  1. resume or CV
  2. email addresses for 2 references
  3. research statement
  4. personal statement that includes academic and career plans
  5. unofficial transcript
2018/19 Program Period: July 16, 2018 – July 15, 2019
2018/19 Application Period: CLOSED

For more information on the PRE Program, contact Paul Evans, Academic Programs Coordinator, at