Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Inagaki Lab


The Inagaki Lab at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) is currently inviting applications for a postdoctoral position. We are seeking highly qualified and motivated candidates interested in neuronal dynamics underlying cognitive functions in mice.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

The Inagaki lab studies cellular and network mechanisms underlying cognitive functions, such as decision making and time perception, in mice. Particularly, we are interested in
  1. How do internal drives (such as hunger and thirst) affect decision making process to select proper actions? How does it modulate dynamics in the frontal cortex?
  2. How do brains track the passage of time? How does it affect dynamics in motor related regions to perform actions with proper timing?
  3. What is the mechanism of action initiation? How does the brain convert a memory/planning into an action?
We will employ multidisciplinary approaches, including creating new molecular tools for circuit interrogation, developing novel ethologically relevant behavioral tasks, building theoretical models to generate testable predictions, and recording neurophysiological responses (high-density silicon probe recordings and in-vivo whole cell recordings) in conjunction with optogenetic manipulations.

Education and/or Experience

The ideal candidates should have or be expected to receive a Ph.D in a relevant scientific discipline. A strong background in electrophysiology, mouse behavior, and/or molecular biology are preferred but not necessary. Strong quantitative skills, excellent communication skills and an ability to work well in a team are required.

Additional Information

In addition to submitting your information here, please send the items below to Dr. Hidehiko Inagaki (
  1. CV
  2. Names and complete contact information for three references
  3. A statement of research experiences and interests (1-2 pages)
  Dr. Inagaki is appointed to start his lab in September, 2019. The position is available for those who are willing to start in 2020.