Research Technician

Department: Taniguchi Lab


We are seeking an individual to join the laboratory of Dr. Hiroki Taniguchi as a Research Technician.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

The goal of Dr. Taniguchi’s research is to study development and function of inhibitory neuronal circuits, which play a key role in normal brain function. The selected candidate will provide technical assistance to ongoing research in the lab and will be responsible for the day-to-day managerial duties of the lab.  In addition, will perform transcardial perfusions, sectioning, histological tissue processing, and immunostaining; determine genotypes using standard PCR techniques; perform standard tissue culture procedures; perform recombinant virus production; perform surgeries, involving viral injections and in utero electroporation; perform standard DNA cloning; prepare DNA plasmids; prepare standard laboratory solutions and maintain chemical stocks; maintain sufficient inventory of materials, supplies and equipment; order, receive, document and stock laboratory supplies, chemicals and equipment; provide interface between lab members and animal facility staff regarding animal husbandry, ordering and record-keeping; and other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in a related scientific discipline or equivalent and a minimum of 1 year of related experience is required.  MS in a related scientific discipline is preferred. The successful candidate must work well in a team environment and possess excellent communication, time management and organizational skills.  Must have prior experience working with lab animals.