Debbie Guerrero-Given

Debbie Guerrero-Given

Research Scientist
Debbie Guerrero-Given

One Max Planck Way
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 972-9000

Researcher Bio

Listen to Dr. Debbie Guerrero-Given’s podcast interview during the annual conference of National Society for Histotechnology. She talked about her exciting results using correlative light-electron microscopy (CLEM), a method of microscopy that combines the powerful data obtained from imaging fluorescent proteins in living cells with the ultrastructural detail of electron microscopy.

Selected Publications

  1. Lübbert M, Goral RO, Keine C, Thomas C, Guerrero-Given D, Putzke T, Satterfield R, Kamasawa N, Young SM Jr. (2018).  CaV2.1 α1 Subunit Expression Regulates Presynaptic CaV2.1 Abundance and Synaptic Strength at a Central Synapse. Neuron pii: S0896-6273(18)31037-7.

  2. Dong, W., Radulovic, T., Goral, R.O., Thomas, C., Suarez Montesinos, M., Guerrero-Given, D., Hagiwara, A., Putzke, T., Hida, Y., Abe, M., Sakimura K., Kamasawa N., Ohtsuka T., Young S.M. Jr. (2018). CAST/ELKS Proteins Control Voltage-Gated Ca2+ Channel Density and Synaptic Release Probability at a Mammalian Central Synapse. Cell Reports 24, 284-293.e6.

  3. Grassi, D., Howard, S., Zhou, M., Diaz-Perez, N., Urban, N.T., Guerrero-Given, D., Kamasawa, N., Volpicelli-Daley, L.A., LoGrasso, P., and Lasmézas, C.I. (2018).  Identification of a highly neurotoxic α-synuclein species inducing mitochondrial damage and mitophagy in Parkinson’s disease.  PNAS, Published ahead of Print Feb 27, 2018.

  4. Wang, Y., Fehlhaber, K.E., Sarria, I., Cao, Y., Ingram, N.T., Guerrero-Given, D., Throesch, B., Baldwin, K., Kamasawa, N., Ohtsuka, T., et al. (2017). The Auxiliary Calcium Channel Subunit α2δ4 Is Required for Axonal Elaboration, Synaptic Transmission, and Wiring of Rod Photoreceptors.  Neuron 93, 1359–1374.

  5. Neuillé, M., Cao, Y., Caplette, R., Guerrero-Given, D., Thomas, C., Kamasawa, N., Sahel, J.-A., Hamel, C.P., Audo, I., Picaud, S., et al. (2017). LRIT3 Differentially Affects Connectivity and Synaptic Transmission of Cones to ON- and OFF-Bipolar Cells. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) 58, 1768–1778.

  6. Peach, K., Koch, M.S., Blackwelder, P.L., Guerrero-Given, D., and Kamasawa, N. (2017). Primary utricle structure of six Halimeda species and potential relevance for ocean acidification tolerance. Botanica Marina – DE GRUYTER.

  7. Wu, S., Baum, M.M., Kerwin, J., Guerrero, D., Webster, S., Schaudinn, C., VanderVelde, D., Webster, P. (2014). Biofilm-specific extracellular matrix proteins of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae. Pathogens and Disease 72, 143-160.

  8. Wu, S., Li, X., Gunawardana, M., Maguire, K., Guerrero-Given, D., Schaudinn, C., Wang, C., Baum, M.M., Webster, P. (2014). Beta- lactam antibiotics stimulate biofilm formation in non-typeable haemophilus influenzae by up-regulating carbohydrate metabolism. PLoS ONE 9(7) e99204.

  9. Schaudinn, C., Stoodley, P., Hall-Stoodley, L., Gorur, A., Remis, J., Wu, S., Auer, M., Hertwig, S., Guerrero-Given, D., Hu, F.Z., Ehrlich, G.D., Costerton, J.W., Robinson, D.H., Webster, P.  (2014). Death and transfiguration in static Staphylococcus epidermidis cultures. PLoS ONE 9(6)e100002.