Joon Choi, PhD

Joon Choi, PhD

Post Doc
Joon Choi

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Researcher Bio

Joon Ho joined the Kwon Lab in April 2013 as a postdoctoral fellow. During his PhD, he investigated the mechanism underlying the generation of synchronized neural bursts in cultured networks of neurons. He designed and built all of the electronics himself responsible for signal amplification and conditioning, acquisition system responsible for digitization, storage, post-processing, and analysis of the conditioned signal on the acquisition PC. His expertise is not limited in making circuit design, simulation and PCB design, but also proficient in building his own software such as real-time data acquisition, analysis as well as theoretical modeling of the experiments. His major project at the MPFI is to understand neural circuit dynamics underlying sensory learning or sensorimotor integration. This will be accomplished using a combination of in vivo electrophysiological recording and two-photon imaging and photolysis on awaken mice.


  • BS, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
  • PhD, Dept. of Physics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea