Tal Laviv, PhD

Tal Laviv, PhD

Post Doc
Neuronal Signal Transduction

One Max Planck Way
Jupiter, FL 33458

Researcher Bio

Dr. Tal Laviv joined the Yasuda lab in November 2012. His project aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of sensory mediated experience and plasticity in vivo. In order to address this, he will use chronic in vivo 2 photon imaging in the sensory cortex. In addition, he is also developing FLIM sensors to measure CREB activation in single cell resolution.

Tal received his PhD from Tel Aviv University, where he investigated the role of the G protein coupled receptor, GABA B, in the local regulation of presynaptic function in single boutons using functional optical imaging and FRET measurements.

Research Interests

  • in Vivo 2p FLIM imaging in the living brain
  • Experience dependent plasticity in single spines
  • Imaging CREB dynamics in vivo as a molecular marker of plasticity


  • PhD, Tel Aviv University, Israel, Neurobiology (2012)

Recent work:

New red fluorescent proteins allow scientists to better ‘see’ what memories              are made of