Max Planck Florida Foundation

The Max Planck Florida Foundation (MPFF) was established to support the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) in its pursuit of discovering answers to fundamental questions of the brain.  Basic research provides the most important source of new knowledge with long-lasting impact for our society.  In collaboration with a world-leading research organization, the Max Planck Society, MPFI takes an uncompromising approach to excellence in uncovering today’s new discoveries that will lead to a better understanding of tomorrow.

Our commitment to allowing researchers to focus solely on excellent research requires extraordinary support.  The Max Planck Florida Foundation was founded with the mission of attaining private philanthropic funding from individuals, corporations and foundations across the United States and internationally.

With your support, we can equip researchers with the resources they need to discover the unknown.  Tomorrow’s critical advancements in brain science can only be made possible by your support today.  Your impact on the world starts with the Max Planck Florida Foundation.

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Your brain is your entire world, and it’s ours too.  You brain is intimate.  It is personal.  In fact, your brain is your everything.  It powers your emotions, memories, expressions and thoughts.  It drives curiosity and fascination.  It enables you to achieve your goals and impact the world around you.

In stark contrast to the vast importance of the brain, our understanding of the brain remains one of the greatest challenges of today.  At MPFF and MPFI, we relentlessly pursue the boundaries of knowledge to uncover answers to fundamental questions about the brain.   Today, there is a large gap in what we know about the brain that limits significant advances in treatments and cures for brain disorders.

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